Friday, September 30, 2005

Patriot James

Patriot James Cover How far will a woman go to fight terrorism?
Cynthia James goes all the way--as a patriotic assassin, trained to seduce and execute the terrorists who killed her brother. She joins Patriots for Freedom, a covert organization using advanced surveillance technology, an organization that blurs the line between patriotism and revenge. Rigorous training and perilous missions in Bermuda, Spain, and England empower Cynthia. But killing dangerous men--and enjoying it--jars her identity, igniting passion for both an unpredictable man and a sensous woman.
Ambitious executives control Patriots for Freedom. When their power struggle endangers Cynthia, she faces a dilemma: leave herself vulnerable, or turn on her bosses, Cynthia's decision initiates a series of twists that spiral out of control.
Patriot James pits a scarred woman, searching for her best, against the worst of enemies, Cynthia faces questions that many contemplate in today's world. Where does patriotism end and vengeance begin? Is technology more trustworthy than people? How should a civilized society fight terrorism?
Is Cynthia James a patriot? Readers may not agree on an answer, but they will experience the same intriguing adventure.